Carrte Alexander
Analysis of the Art institute of Chicago Illinois, and the Castle Museum of Saginaw Michigan

The two buildings I compared are the Art Institute of Chicago that was apart of the original white city of Chicago and the Castle museum of Saginaw.What really is similar about these two buildings is that they both look medieval and have a renaissance look and style to it, except that the art institute has the Beaux-Arts style which is more of renaissance architecture but with ideas of Greek and roman architecture such as the pillars or columns of Greek and Rome architecture. Both Buildings feature long columns and arched windows and door ways . They are in ways both similar but very different such as the flat roofs of the Art institute and the stairs that lead up the building , the engravings in the walls and that very unique feeling of how everything that was put there was put there for a reason and it gives some kinD of meaning. As I said before the Beaux Style has borrowed elements from Rome and Greek architecture so that’s why it almost looks like it deserves to be in an old Greek movie but still looks like a medieval castle. The castle museum has had many renovations but it still looks bland in a way. It looks like a church but in fact it was really a post office. I think these buildings are very similar in many ways but are still totally different and to me the best building of the who would be the Art institute of Chicago.