Victorian era-Gothic style in The Bradley Home in Midland Mi and Gothic architecture in the University of Chicago. By Nick McCann

The Bradley House is located near downtown Midland, and is a Victorian Gothic-style home. The Bradley house was built in 1874 ( I could not find the architect). The home served many purposes, from being a church rectory to a family home. It was moved to its present location after residing in the main downtown area



Inside the home, period furnishings decorate the rooms. Outside the home, is The Carriage House where horses and carriages were kept. The Bradley home is also home to mid-Michigan’s largest functioning blacksmith’s forge/shop. The Bradley home allows visitors to step into the life of someone living in midland during the late 1800’s. The Victorian Gothic style is similar to the Gothic Revival style, but it is a more substantial version of the style. The Gothic revival style was reminiscent of the gothic cathedrals found in the medieval era. The Victorian Gothic style was used mostly for public buildings like schools, churches, or government offices, but was sometimes chosen for mansions or homes of substantial size; much like the Bradley home in Midland. The Bradley house contains Gothic style architecture such as large pointed windows, slanted roof design, and the decorative masonry coming from the trim on the roof.

An example of gothic styled architecture in Chicago is the University of Chicago. The Harper Memorial Library at the University was built by Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge in 1912. This building is a prime example of gothic architecture because of the large windows, decorative masonry, and the large pointed towers.



The architects of the University and from the Bradley home drew inspiration from gothic cathedrals from the medieval period. During this period the cathedrals were viewed not only as a sign of divinity, but also as a sign of power and wealth. I believe that the architects of both buildings projected a symbol of power and wealth through their projects.

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7 thoughts on “Victorian era-Gothic style in The Bradley Home in Midland Mi and Gothic architecture in the University of Chicago. By Nick McCann

  1. The Bradley House is a beautiful landmark in Midland….and it reminds me of much of Center Avenue in Bay City. My favorite house on that street is this little gothic home, pink and purple in color, that looks like it flew off the top of another home. From the arches to the pillars, all of the characteristics of gothic architecture is beautiful. I just love it all.

  2. This home does remind me of a gothic style home. I learned a lot from the grip about gothic styles. I never paid attention to them much, maybe mostly as I am from a small town. It was interesting to see how many of them were in Chicago.

  3. Hi Nick,

    You chose a beautiful home in the Bradley House. With all those roof peaks and Gothic windows, it seems the perfect setting for a spooky movie. I wonder if the balconies are usual to Gothic architecture or if this is Victorian influence?

    Mount Pleasant has some amazing Victorian homes as well, but the restored houses are usually painted wood with really bright, vibrant colors. The Bradley House is definitely more subdued. I like the way homes often reflect the tastes of those who live there while huge stone structures like the Harper Memorial Library forever reflect the vision of architects and builders.


  4. Hey Nick!

    Really like the place in Midland, never would have guessed something like that was in the tri-cities.The building reminds me of similar ones in Bay City on Center Ave. The building in Chicago was a great choice also, I think that they the look was spot on with being a sign of wealth because going to college itself was a sign of wealth so might as well match the two.

  5. The Bradley House is one of my favorite places in Midland. I like how you took a personal home and compared it to a university. The two have such different functions but use the same style of Victorian Gothic, which is by far my favorite architectural style. I also liked that you mentioned that Gothic style stood for wealth and power and that could be why the architects chose it for their buildings. I would love to know if that was the real reason or not.

  6. Thank you for this very informative post! I am not sure if I would have made the connection to the Victorian Gothic style of architecture, but the way you explain it makes perfect sense! I am impressed that this home was moved and still looks so great. Its funny to think that the Victorian style used to be a symbol of wealth, yet compared to todays standards of homes this one in particular looks so small and quaint. Although I imagine it probably cost quite a bit to maintain the original structure and character of this home.

  7. I enjoyed learning the history behind the Bradly Home building and how similar it is to the University of Chicago . it is a great example of how to buildings that may not look very similar have a whole lot in common. Great Job !!

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