While visiting Chicago I was amazed at all the immaculate buildings. Every where you looked there was yet another stunning building. I began to think about how you don’t see anything like that around here. But then I began thinking; we do have some buildings around here that are pretty incredible as well, I just over look them. Chicago was new and exciting, and made me really pay attention to everything. And although the buildings we have around here can’t quite compare, they’re still architecturally significant. Seeing them so often though, made me unconscious of their significance. So, when I came back home, I began paying more attention.

While I was in Chicago, one building in particular really caught my eye, the Water Tower.


The Chicago Water Tower was built in 1869 by architect William W. Boyington. It stands 154 feet tall. The Water Tower was one of few buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, and is one of just a few buildings that are still surviving today. The tower was built to house a large water pump, which was intended to draw water from Lake Michigan. The Tower is the second-oldest water tower in the United States. It mostly interested me for it’s gothic style architecture. There is something about the gothic style that really catches my eye, it’s just so clean cut and to the point.

When I came back home, I began to think of buildings around here that had a similar gothic style architecture. I thought of Bay City, and all the really interesting buildings there. I then thought of the Church on Center Street. The First Presbyterian Church.

Bay CIty church

The First Presbyterian Church, where it is located today, was built in 1891. In 1941, for it’s 50th anniversary it was remodeled and refurbished. Later, in 1979 it was remodeled yet again, this time giving it’s Gothic architecture style a slightly more Victorian architecture style (you’ll notice the windows in the Water Tower have a pointed arch, ogive, whereas the First Presbyterian Church’s windows are completely round.)  After all these years, the church is still in use today, which I thought added even more significance to the building.

Although architecture around us here isn’t quite like the incredible buildings one would see in Chicago, we still have some pretty great buildings, with a great history to be known.