Comparison of Chicago Architecture to Saginaw

In the 1800’s Chicago’s architecture was heavily influenced by the greek and romans. Many buildings built in this time period still stand today due to their long lasting foundations and structure achieved by the architects of Chicago of the time. The designs made skyscrapers and long lasting buildings possible. One example of their work is The Institute of Art in Chicago. The building was built for the world fair in Chicago in 1879. It was founded as a school and museum for the fine arts as everyone was devoted to rebuilding the metropolis that was destroyed in the great fire of 1871. kveus3256s

This picture shows the architecture of the building well. The Art Institute of Chicago represents Chicago’s history of educating young artists. This buildings shows a collaboration between the World Fair committee and the Art Institute committee. The world fair put up about one third of the money needed to make the building in exchange for occupying the building during the time the fair was taking place.

The building has many features that identify it to the time period. The arches in the walls of the building were very iconic for the time period. Also how the building has one large point in the very center is iconic for this time. The design is Romanesque because it stays lower to the ground but has a lot of details in the design.

The building i decided to compare it to is the Saginaw Art Museum. I thought i t would be fitting to compare the two building because of their likeness in purpose. I had not seen the building before looking it up and was surprised at its similar design to the Art Institute of Chicago.


This building has a similar point at the top in the very middle like the Art Institute does in Chicago. Also the two windows at the top of the building have similar arches to the ones in Chicago. The Museum was originally a home to the Ring family and was designed in 1903. This is not too much longer after the Art Institute was built which might be why they are similar in design.

I found Chicago to be a very cool place full of history. I enjoyed learning about all the different buildings and what they were. Chicago is a place that preserved their history and still lives through it today.

10 thoughts on “Comparison of Chicago Architecture to Saginaw

  1. I like your comparison between these two buildings. I agree with you that Chicago is a place that preserved their history, one of few cities that do, in my opinion.

  2. It’s interesting how two different museums across the United States share such similar architecture styles simply because they are similar in ourpose. It seems to difficult to draw on values such as education and science without in some way channeling classic Greek and roman architecture.

  3. I liked how you compared two buildings used for the same purpose. It was interesting to read the history of the CIA. Although the style looks different you can still see the Greek and Roman aspects of both buildings.

  4. I definitely felt like you could have gone deeper with discussion of the architecture and maybe a proofread of the post, but you chose two buildings that make a great comparison.

  5. I would have loved to hear your reasoning on why you think the architects chose this form of architecture for these buildings, but i did love the comparison between them.

  6. I like how you compared not only what was outside of the buildings, but what was inside. You really developed the idea of what these buildings were meant for, to inspire and display the hard works of others. Both beautiful buildings both inside and out, well done!

  7. I really liked the post because contrary to Ann Arbor where I work is not easy to find in Saginaw buildings or the same type of architecture we encounter in Chicago. But the Saginaw Art Institute does have some aspects that are similar to the Chicago Art Institute and they both have the same purpose. Interesting comparison! You could have gone deeper into the architectural features and add more pictures. But good job!

  8. It is really awesome to see all of the connections of things that we visited in Chicago and things we have in our own home towns. The idea behind both places is awesome, and the architecture aspect that they are similar in many ways is also very cool.

  9. You did an incredible job finding two buildings so closely related, but from two such diverse, cultural spectrums. I also enjoyed how surprisingly similar the architecture was of both buildings. Finally, it was refreshing to read that you chose these two places not solely based on architectural similarities and differences, but also their purpose to the public.

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