Snagit–a Digital Tool for Profs

A colleague of mine brought a digital tool to my attention, Snagit, which he uses in his online classes to provide feedback to students. He teaches computer science courses, but as he sat down and showed me the software I recognized its applicability for a host of subjects. Snagit is a screenshot program that captures video display and audio output. It’s great for those of us who regularly compile tutorials for our students.

As a history professor, I saw it as a great way for me to help online students better understand their readings. The program allows you to capture several pages and make comments throughout. You could also easily editorialize papers. Snagit’s video capture feature might be a big boon to those of us trying to provide the same quality feedback on research papers and essays exams to an online student as to a student in a face-to-face class. My colleague generously provided some of his image captures, which I’ve included below. –Amy French, Ph.D.

Here is a link to the parent company of Snagit, Techsmith (they’re the same people who brought us Camtasia and Jing):

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