What aspects of the humanities are you engaging in right now?

The humanities bring alive the human experience and celebrate our shared humanity. They not only feed our soul they are essential to our humanity, our survival, and our growth. Many of you might be feeling isolated right now, so let’s use our love of the humanities to unite us. I (Dr. Amy French) have been using this time to keep a journal where I recount some of the day’s events and my feelings. As a historian, it just seems right to me to chronicle this time. I encourage you to share what you’re doing with the Humanities Learning Center. Comment below with your favorite books, good shows, top movies, fabulous websites, online museums, archives, and more. If you’ve been creating works or just feel like musing, share that, too! Let’s get a conversation going here in the comments or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/humanitieslearningcenteratdeltacollege/

We can “get out” while still staying at home!

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