“When You’re Right You Can’t Lose”

When Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1932, he had a job to help the people of America and to reorganize things from the Great Depression. The New Deal was implemented which included a variety of programs to bring relief, recovery and reform. In 1936 when Roosevelt was elected to a second term as president, he carried out the Second New Deal which also included more … Continue reading “When You’re Right You Can’t Lose”

The Flint Strikes of 1937, “The Second Great War.”

When we envision a strike, do we imagine a brutal, blood war? Of course not, and that is thanks in part to the union strikers of the 1937 Flint strike, who challenged how Michigan, and the U.S. as a whole would handle unions, labor laws and the possible strikes that might ensue. The sit down strikes that occurred in Flint in 1937 were “a new … Continue reading The Flint Strikes of 1937, “The Second Great War.”

Strike Hard

The Saginaw Valley Lumber Strike paints an all-too familiar picture of American Capitalism: the rich minority wielding power over those who work underneath them, not realizing (or possibly caring) that manual laborers are human, first and foremost, and are the foundation on which their fortunes rest. In the mid-late 19th century, men flocked from all over the country to get a piece of that lucrative … Continue reading Strike Hard

Time To Strike For Laborers

Imagine working a mandatory 11 to 14-hour day for six days a week. Imagine the lack of family time, sleep or even personal space. Your hands have an extreme amount of calluses and you’re suffering with back pain. You’re not only working all this time with kids or animals or something calm and collected, yet, something very dirty and dangerous, lumber fields. In July of … Continue reading Time To Strike For Laborers

Blog Topic #4 for HIS 237

Topic: Using my video, the annotated article (notice that I made some remarks where I disagree with the author), and the texts, discuss the 1885 Saginaw Valley Lumber Strike. The Ten Hour Law (1885), which working men (united under the Knights of Labor) fought for, was not effective enough to protect Michigan’s working men. Although a plethora of strikes were waged in numerous industries over long … Continue reading Blog Topic #4 for HIS 237

Michigan History Blog Posts

In our Michigan history class covering the time from first inhabitants of the area through the 1960s, different students will blog weekly in response to the material we covered, as well as questions that I (Professor Amy French) posed to them. Everyone in the class is responsible for commenting. Each week, I will post the blog topic for all our readers to see. –Dr. Amy … Continue reading Michigan History Blog Posts