The Driehaus Museum invites guests to experience the Guilded Age-era design, decorative arts, and architecture. The 19th century Samuel M Nickerson mansion is located right by the magnificent mile of Chicago. The museum was founded on April 1, 2003 by Philanthropist Richard H Driehaus where he opened the doors to preserve and promote architecture and design. The restoration project took five years to restore the interior of this mansion, now furnished with pieces from the Driehaus collection of fine and decorative arts. Pieces displayed include works from famous designers Louis Comfort and the Herter brothers. The museum exhibits how artists, designers, and architects were inspired by the happenings of the 19th century.


5 thoughts on “DRIEHAUS MUSEUM

  1. I wasn’t entirely sure whether to comment on all your post or create a single one that addresses them all I hope you don’t mind the latter. I think that although there was no connection to an architecture style from a place near you that these posts did well to create a small highlight reel of Chicago. These small factual posts in turn created a visual tour encouraging Chicago tourism.

  2. To play the safe card I have just been commenting on all of your posts, but I really like the detail and history behind your photos. I think you did a good job at capturing and explaining.

  3. In reference to all your posts; I really liked your beginning analysis of the Buckingham Fountain, how it truly is the opening of the door to the fabulous mansion of Chicago itself. It is a beautiful landmark and to think “wow that is the first thing I see?” I can only imagine what else there is to explore. Not only that but using two different mansions from near and far built in the same era and show a lot of similarities and differences was great! It brings here and there full circle.

  4. Same as others I’m referencing to all of your posts. I loved some of your history that you gave about all of yours posts and you addressed many different places. I would have loved to hear your architectural intake though on all of them though.

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