BUCKINGHAM FOUNTAIN The Buckingham Fountain is one of the first Chicago landmarks I got to see. This is located at the middle of Grant Park. This fountain is one of the largest in the world. The Buckingham Fountain is near Columbus Drive and Congress Parkway which is the beginning of the historical Chicago experience. In other words it is considered Chicago’s front door. In … Continue reading BUCKINGHAM FOUNTAIN


  1886 SAGINAW HOUSE TO BE RESTORED This historic house was built in 1886 in the city of Saginaw and is up for complete restoration. Like the Driehaus, this house was also built in the 19th century, the gilded age. Many aspects of this Saginaw home and the Driehaus are similar. They both have similar window structure, which was common for large houses at the time. Both … Continue reading SAGINAW HISTORIC HOUSE TO BE RESTORED


  GALLERY This room is the gallery which at first was Nickerson’s Art Gallery. In this room there are pieces of historical artwork, beautiful architecture, cherry book shelves, and a fireplace. The gallery in the 1900s was called the Trophy Room. In the trophy room hanging on the walls were hunted animals.Also displayed were weapons and books that were rare. http://www.driehausmuseum.org/ Continue reading GALLERY-DRIEHAUS


  DRIEHAUS MUSEUM The Driehaus Museum invites guests to experience the Guilded Age-era design, decorative arts, and architecture. The 19th century Samuel M Nickerson mansion is located right by the magnificent mile of Chicago. The museum was founded on April 1, 2003 by Philanthropist Richard H Driehaus where he opened the doors to preserve and promote architecture and design. The restoration project took five years … Continue reading DRIEHAUS MUSEUM