In May of 2015, Professors Laura Dull and Amy French took a class to Chicago where we spent three busy days exploring the city’s past.  Here was our itinerary for the trip: Chicago 2015 Itinerary. We centered a lot of our itinerary and our discussions around the Gilded Age and Devil in the White City by Erik Larsen. Our students analyzed a building or architectural implement in the city to see how architect’s use the past to construct the present and suggest the future. The posts that follow discuss their findings. The following rubric was given to them to guide their analysis IHU SSI 269 Rubric 2015.

Professors Dull and French continue to teach travel courses and are currently planning a class for Boston in 2016. Delta College has open enrollment, so if you are interested in taking their travel course, please contact Dr. Amy French ( for additional information and visit the History Department’s website.