Articles Regarding Wikipedia in the Classroom

Recently, the Wiki Ed group put out their February 2017 newsletter which included links to articles that may be of use to faculty considering using Wikipedia in the classroom, or for those who already are. Here are some that Wiki Ed noted:

What Students Can Learn by Writing for Wikipedia” by Anya Kamanetz

How Wikipedia is Cultivating an Army of Fact Checkers to Battle Fake News” by Jared Keller

Can Academic Faculty Members Teach with Wikipedia” by Don Watkins

Improving Information Literacy Skills Through Learning to Use and Edit Wikipedia: A Chemistry Perspective” by Martin Walker & Ye Li

Rutgers Undergraduates Improve Public Access to Scientific Knowledge Through Wikipedia

Rediscovering the ‘Higher’ in Higher Ed with a Wikipedia Writing Assignment

Giving Psychology Away” by Christine Shane Simpson, Elizabeth Che, and Patricia Brooks

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