What is the Humanities Learning Center?

The Humanities Learning Center (HLC) is a group of dedicated faculty working alongside administrative, support staff, and community partners whose mission is to bring the relevance and vitality of the humanities to the Great Lakes Bay Region. We support initiatives to encourage the enrollment of students in Delta humanities disciplines and facilitate their transfer to four-year universities. We advocate for the value of the humanities through partnerships with local public schools, Brown Bag talks on humanities topics, humanities-themed book groups, humanities-themed speakers, and promotion of all humanities events.

The humanities may be best described as the study of the human experience. Through exploration of history, philosophy, literature, film/theater, religion, art, communication, music, languages, politics, and law, we are offered a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Knowledge of the human experience inspires us by allowing us to connect to the greatest minds and talents of the ages. So go ahead—know thyself—and open up a world of inspiration and wonder. We offer a host of events throughout the year–announcements can be found on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/humanitieslearningcenteratdeltacollege/

Additionally, you can contact Dr. Amy French, HLC Coordinator, for more information (amyfrench@delta.edu)


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